What is the Australia immigration system?

Australia has one of the most hard-to-crack immigration systems in the world. And most of the people find it complicated. The country’s immigration system has been distinguished into two parts, one which is done through the 189 and the other through the 190 visa.

The entire process of the Australian government is administered by the Department of Home Affairs. It makes modifications in the rules depending on the varied needs of the labor market.  For example, the points have increased from 60-65 and it’s the needed cut-off now.

So, depending on the cutoff for points, the candidates get the invite. So, now 65 is the mandatory requirement for candidates.

Why is professional consultation needed for Australia immigration?

The Australia immigration procedure has toughened up now. With the requirement of 65 points, it’s not feasible for anyone to immigrate here without having professional help.

Subclass 870 Visa Process

The candidates are confused about how to cope up with this requirement without the IELTS to score the extra 5 points(65-60). Now, IELTS is not the only way, you can get the Australia immigration. There is one more test including the PTE (Academic). When you have sufficient scores, in this exam, you are still qualified for Australia immigration.

If you don’t have the requirements for the 189 visa then your immigration depends on whether your profile is included in the Skilled Occupation Lists of individual states or not. Once your occupation is there in the skilled occupation lists of a state, you get 5 points for state nomination, and hence get the nod for the 190 visa.

Therefore, you have to know whether the states have a requirement for your profession. That’s where Nile Migration knows when a state has the requirement for your profile.

Apart from that, the candidate can also have his work experience subtracted while getting the real work experience provided to him by the skill assessment authority. With reduced experience, you have lessened points and might not fulfill the quota of 65 points. So, that’s where Nile Migration can assist you with, knowing how many points you will get depending on the experience held. Telling you about your points based on your experience is not the forte of every consultant. That’s where you need Nile Migration to know where you truly stand in terms of your eligibility for immigration.

Australia immigration: Other ways

If you don’t have the requirements for the long terms PR visas, our consultants suggest you the right visa. There are still hopes for someone to get the 489 visa.

Although this visa, allows you to lie in a regional area of Australia only, there are many benefits too. The regional Australia has, not so much population living there due to which it’s simple to reside there. Apart from that, the employment opportunities are paying well here.

In the long term after 2 years, you can move from one state to another. It’s only possible after you get a PR visa after living in two years, in a state, on the 489 visa. After the two years, if you are unable to get the PR, then you will have to live in the same state although you can live in another regional area different from the one where you started.

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